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General Modelling Sequence

Creating a model follows this general sequence:

  1. You can start a new model either right after starting the program or after selecting File/Close which closes the current input and begins a new input data set.  Once either of these steps is taken, you may edit data tables under the Model Input, Plot Input, or Analysis Input menus.
  2. Create model input using the Model Input menu.  Make sure to define Domains before adding Well, Line Boundary, or Area Source/Sink elements.  This sequence is necessary because the input for the elements includes specification of the domain(s) they are in.  When adding elements, it helps a lot to use a basemap and digitize coordinates on top of the basemap.
  3. Define what you want displayed in plots with the Plot Input menu.
  4. Define what analysis features you want with the Analysis Input menu.
  5. Save your model frequently as you build your input.
  6. When the model input is complete, select  Solve to solve the system of equations.  This is required after making any model input changes and before making output plots or using the Analysis menu.
  7. View plots of the model results with Make Plot.
  8. Examine model results with the Analysis menu.
  9. Loop back through steps 2-8 to revise the model, re-solving the system after revision and before examining results.