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Parallel Processing

Starting with release 2023-1, parallel processing was implemented for determining the coefficients of the matrix A, and the vector b, which form the core components of the linear equation solver Ax = b, updated at each timestep in the solve process.

Starting with release 2019-1, parallel processing was implemented for these computations that occur in plot-making:

  • Computing values (e.g. head) that are the basis for contours
  • Computing values (e.g. velocity) that are the basis for vectors
  • Tracing multiple pathlines from lines, areas, wells, and circles

These can be a time-saver for complex models and plots, if your computer's CPU has multiple cores.  Experiments indicate that:

  • Solve time has been sped up by 1.5 - 3 times depending on complexity of the model, and whether steady or transient on a 4-core CPU
  • Making a plot with hundreds of area pathlines is quicker by a factor approaching 4 on a 4-core CPU, or approaching a factor of 6 on a 6-core CPU.