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Installing Anaqsim

Anaqsim can be downloaded from the website.  The downloaded file is a Windows Installer package (.msi) file. To start the installer, run or double-click on the  downloaded file.  The installer guides you through a typical installation process. The installer also checks to see if the right version of the Microsoft .net runtime libraries are installed on your computer (these are used  by .net programs like Anaqsim).  If they are not there, they will be downloaded (free) from a Microsoft web site and installed before Anaqsim is installed.

Once installed, the program will be included in the Programs part of your Start Menu.  Anaqsim is typically installed in the following directory on your hard drive: 
Program Files/Yellow Sub Hydro/Anaqsim.

Anaqsim control files (with extension .anaq) are not automatically associated with the Anaqsim.exe executable.  In order to assign an association which enables Anaqsim to open automatically when double clicking on a .anaq file, the following process needs to be undertaken:

  1. Right-click on an existing .anaq file (for example one of the tutorial files, found under the 'Documentation' folder)
  2. Select 'Open with', and then 'Choose another App'
  3. Scroll down to 'Choose an App on your PC'
  4. Navigate to where you installed Anaqsim (typically Program Files/Yellow Sub Hydro/Anaqsim) and select the anaqsim.exe file
  5. Select 'Always' to ensure that the file extension association is saved, and applied to all .anaq files.

When you first start Anaqsim it is unlicensed;  it will run but will have constraints when solving the system of equations, and a watermark when plotting outputs.  Activating a 'Quick Designer' license will remove the watermark, and activating a 'Deep Designer' license will additionally lift the model solve constraints.  If you have purchased activations, see License Menu/Activating a License for instructions on how to activate your license.